Face and body correction

Improve your look and gain your confidence back without going through surgery

The treatment includes the correction of acial paralysis, scoliosis, lordois, kyphosis, eye tilt, mouth tilt, wrinkles, pectuscarinatum-pigeon breast, humpback, slope shoulder and slope pelvis.

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Skin Trouble

Restore and rejuvenate skin without any side effects.

Among 5E6Q, the fire and heat of meridian system are the cause of skin problems – freckle, acne, atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, urticaria-hives, pruritus, eruption, erythema, andvitiligo.

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Weight Loss Program

Health way to treat obesity and to avoid any complications

The obesity is a result of imbalance in physical, emotional and intellectual imbalance in biorhythms. It can increase the risk of complications such as hypertension, fatty liver, thrombosis, and stroke. A dietary therapy/program called, Hae-in acupuncture will help maintain patient’s healthy body and prevent any complications associated with obesity.

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Pain Relief

Treat disease without any side effects and prevent chronic health problems.

Sa-am acupuncture help ease pain from headache, neckache, backache-notalgia, shoulder pain-omodynia, elbow pain, wrist pain-mouse wrist, chest pain, stomachache, lumbar pain-lumbago, knee pain-gonalgia, ankle pain-tarsalgia, arthralgia, sciatica.

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Hae In Acupuncture Treatment

Hae In Acupuncture provides diagnosis by a medical professional and based on its diagnosis, our acupuncturist treats a patient by curing roots of illnesses with a specialized acupuncture technique.


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